Caring About The Children

Why do femistatists make such wonderful parents? Because they care about the children. The children are their number one priority. Right after themselves, their careers, riding the cock carousel and receiving welfare payments from the government. Femistatists care about “the children”. Never about their children.

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Mother of 9-year-old girl “panicked” after finding her unresponsive

The mother of a 9-year-old girl whose body was found in a refrigerator in a southwest Houston apartment told authorities that she put her daughter’s body there after she “panicked” when she found the little girl not breathing early one morning in late January.

It was one of the latest revelations to emerge in the case of Ayahna Comb, a developmentally disabled girl whose emaciated body – weighing just 14 pounds – was discovered wrapped in a blanket in that refrigerator door Monday evening.

The morning Keyes found her daughter’s lifeless body, she attempted to perform CPR, but stopped at about 6 a.m. to help her 5-year-old daughter get ready, and take her to school.

A single mother is a busy woman. She’s gotta keep her priorities straight. Let’s view the agenda from a day in the life of a femistatist welfare mother.

  1. Wake up with a hangover.
  2. Send 5-year-old to public school which is financed by people who are not on welfare.
  3. Check bank account to make sure welfare payment has arrived.
  4. Buy cigarettes and liquor.
  5. Get drunk.
  6. Find a random man to have sex with.
  7. Have unprotected sex.
  8. If time allows check on dead daughter.
  9. Drink some more.
  10. Pass out.

She told investigators that she did not know why she didn’t call police, only that she “panicked.”

Was she too “panicked” to use her Obama Phone to dial 911?

Could she not remember the number to call for 911? If you are too stupid to dial 911 on your Obama Phone should you be breeding? Are these questions too difficult for you just like math is?

Then, she made up a story to tell family and friends that her daughter was at a place for special needs children, according to the documents.

Because women are so honest. That’s why when you ask a woman “What do you value in a man?” they will always put “honesty” on the list. Women are so honest.

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Video: CPS: Child was dead for months in refrigerator

“She couldn’t give them (CPS) a reason for keeping her daughter’s body hidden in a refrigerator for months.”

You’ve all heard the expression that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. I offer an additional definition of insanity. Doing or not doing actions without any idea of why you are doing or not doing those actions.

I suspect however it’s only a matter of time until she trots out one of the usual excuses that bad parents use for their bad parenting.

  1. Patriarchy.
  2. Rape culture.
  3. Misogyny.
  4. Republicans.
  5. Return of Kings.
  6. God told me to do it.
  7. My mom was an alcoholic and my dad beat me.

The younger daughter told investigators that she and two of her playmates found her sister’s body in the refrigerator while looking for a snack.

Setting aside the issue of the mother (and I use the term mother loosely here) and the dead girl, what about the five-year-old? How traumatized is this girl going to be when she grows up. Her sister died and her mother put her dead sister’s body in the refrigerator. This is how a femistatist is created. This girl is going to grow up to have disastrously over-dramatic relationships with unfortunate people, multiple children by multiple fathers, and she will live her entire life on the welfare system.

And femistatists screech in their shrill little voices “We care about the children!”

We also need to look at Amber Keyes selection in men. Femistatists are very intelligent. They always choose the very best men to father their children.

In the video Ayahna’s father states that he saw her two months ago even though Amber says Ayahna died more than two months ago. He obviously was not a very good choice for father material. Then in the video we are informed that Amber had a third child which was taken from her by CPS because Amber’s boyfriend at that time was “severely abusing” the little girl. Excellent selection of boyfriend material by Amber.

And femistatists screech in their shrill little voices “We care about the children!”

If women do in fact care about their children so much why do women keep opening their legs for men who abuse their children? The answer, in case you can’t riddle it out for yourself, is because 99% of women care about their own cunts more than they care about their children.

And femistatists screech in their shrill little voices “We care about the children!”

Let’s close this post by revealing what’s really going on here. Bottom line. End of story. Take away point.

After her daughter died, Keyes said that she continued to receive social security payments and food stamps for her daughter, and renewed them in May, the records show.

Of course she did.

hide my dead daughter so i keep getting welfare - yaddiwOf course she did. You can expect no less from a parasite.

If your child dies and you put the body in your refrigerator you are definitely doing it wrong.


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