The Self-Righteousness of Breeders

We live in a world which is filled with a significant number of self-righteous people. You got the global warming wackos and the tree huggers. You got the Puritans and the “God hates fags” bible thumpers. You got the whole range of people in the Christian, Muslim, Jew spectrum. You got the statist, the statheist, and the femistatist. Lot’s-a opportunity for self-righteousness going on there.

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When it comes to self-righteousness nothing beats the average western civilization breeder. There is not an animal walking the face of the planet Earth that values its own existence more than breeders here in the United States. Let’s take an in-depth look at the self-righteousness.

Note: I’m not saying that non-western civilization parents are better parents. I have virtually no first hand experience with non-western culture breeders/parents and thus don’t consider myself qualified to offer commentary on them. I have no doubt breeders are the majority in other cultures as well. Parenting is hard work regardless of where you live and what culture you exist within.

Why are breeders so full of themselves? Because they breeded damn it! They reproduced. They made babies. And they aren’t going to let you forget it either.

i do not need to parent i pay others to do that for me - yaddiw

They also aren’t going to take the steps necessary to become parents. That would involve work. That would involve spending time with their children instead of putting them in day care and public school. That would require the breeders spend less time on their career, on getting drunk, on dinning out, on riding the cock carousel, on shopping, on themselves. All the things that matter to breeders who care so much about “the children”.

Notice how breeders always say they care about “the children” but not so much do they claim to care about “my children”.

It would also require they actually know something about parenting. Most breeders don’t know anything about parenting. They have no clue how to go about actually raising a child that isn’t broken.

In some regard this isn’t their fault. Look at their parents. Something happened in the United States with the Baby Boomers. Up until and including The Greatest Generation there were some minimal standard of conduct for people. For reasons I don’t claim to understand The Greatest Generation birthed and raised the Boomers. The most idiotic, self-centred – the most economically, morally and intellectually retarded generation in the United States up until their time. Taken as a whole the Boomers are a total failure the likes of which Gen X and The Millennials can only aspire to.

Stupid people can’t teach people to be smarter than they are. Hence the failure of public schools.

Incompetent parents can’t raise children to be better parents than they are. Thus the Boomers gave the world X which has given the world . . . Millennials. Who couldn’t find parenting skills if you shoved ’em up their asses.

Your bad parenting is also your fault. Especially you Millennials. You claim to be The Smartest Generation Ever yet actually know next to nothing. If you’re so smart why is your generation jam packed with single mothers.

Because men are so terrible right? You mean the men who were raised by . . . women? Those men?

Did you know that every man who has ever raped someone (regardless of how you define rape) had a mother? A mother who failed at parenting. Because she was not a parent. She was a breeder. We can also add in the fact that every rapist also had 12 years of public school. An environment in which the activities of the children are controlled almost exclusively by women.

every killer has a mother who failed at parenting - elliot rodger - yaddiw

If you are such a great parent why is your son a rapist?

The excuse breeders put forth are usually either:

“All men are broken” which comes from the femistatist camp. Yet you had sex with a man and chose not to abort your male baby. Perhaps, if it is true that men are broken, you should learn to make better choices.


“He is mentally ill.” If you son is mentally ill (broken) this is ultimately a result of brain chemistry which is ultimately a result of genetics which is ultimately a consequence of your DNA and the DNA of the man you chose to mate with. Perhaps, if it is true that your son is mentally broken, in addition to learning to make better choices you should be sterilized so you don’t make more broken children.

Why didn’t you teach your male son that raping people is wrong?

Parents teach their children right from wrong. Breeders teach their children nothing because they expect someone else to do it.

Why should someone else teach their children? Because they are above that sort of nonsense. Teaching the children is something minimum wage workers do. Breeders are far to important to actually spend time with their children.

The reason breeders are breeders and not parents is because they are failures. They aren’t simply failures at parenting. They are failures at almost everything in life. They work low-paying jobs for corporations doing work that could be done by a monkey or they don’t bother working and receive welfare (more about this later). They have no particular talent. They don’t read books. They don’t create art. They can’t hold a conversation about anything other than what they saw watching reality TV last night.

They are failures in every aspect of existence. In fact had we as a species (via the state) not circumvented evolution these people would all be dead.

And in spite of the fact that they should be dead they live on. Not only do breeders live on, they swarm all over the planet far outnumbering parents. I suppose if my species was suppose to be extinct but was instead multiplying like mad I’d be self-righteous as well.

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