Why Breeders Hand Their Children Over To Strangers To Raise. Part 2

I was listening to one of Stefan Molyneux’s call-in shows and the topic of conversation came around (as it always does) to children and Stephan remarked offhandedly

“I really don’t understand why people have children and then hand them over to strangers to raise.”

I understand exactly why people do this. So for the benefit of Stefan Molyneux, my readers, and the whole world I will now explain it to you.

The reason people have children and then hand them over to strangers to raise is because 99% of people who have children aren’t having children for the children. They’re having children in order to gain access to a.) attention and validation, b.) control, and c.) resources without having to earn access to those things.

In this three part series I’m going to take an in-depth look at these three factors that drive you breeders to make babies you don’t care about. This is part two.

i own my body and i spank my child - yaddiw

2. Control

We humans desire both certainty and uncertainty in our lives. We want control but we also want a lack of control. We want security but we also want insecurity. We want things to be definite and yet desire change. If you go through life being completely secure and having total control over everything around you . . . the result quickly becomes boredom. If you go through life having no control over the environment around you and having no sense of security . . . the result will be insanity.

Thus does every person – whether they are conscious of it or not – seek a balance between predictability and unpredictability.

Feelings of security arise from feelings of control.

When you want something in your life that you can have complete control over what can better meet that requirement than a child.

Unlike an adult who can sever her relationship with you at any moment a child is trapped in her relationship with you. If you tell an adult to go clean his room and he chooses not to there isn’t much you can do about it. If you tell a child to clean his room and he doesn’t do it you can punish him by “imposing economic sanctions” otherwise known as “withholding his allowance” or you can “pass an ordinance” against specific behaviour, otherwise known as “grounding” or you can engage in “spreading democracy” otherwise known as “spanking” – otherwise known as “physical violence”.

The great thing about beating your children is there’s nothing they can do about it. After all they are “your children” and you own them. Interestingly you also claim you don’t believe in slavery and that everyone owns themselves.

Breeders are told what to do at their jobs. If they have jobs. Breeders are told what to do by the government. Breeders are told what to do by their religious or political organizations. Breeders are told what to do by society and cultural norms. After being controlled by all those factions and having their behaviour dictated to them you can’t blame the breeders for wanting to do a bit of dictating of their own.

The breeders could earn the privilege of controlling other people.  It’s called leadership. They could prove themselves to be leaders of men. They could start great endeavours pushing the boundaries of science, exploration or philosophy. They could take action designed to make the world a better place and through their actions inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

But breeders can’t earn the privilege of leading other people because breeders are inferior.  They are in fact only alive because they are kept alive by the governments for the purpose of breeding more breeders.

Control Over Children

Breeders can’t lead or create or explore or discover.  They can make a baby. A brand-new person who has no life experience, no knowledge, no ability to distinguish bullshit from non-bullshit. A young impressionable animal which can be used, abused, and trained.

Children are easy for breeders to control because the breeders are bigger than the children. You don’t have to reason the children (and in fact you can’t reason at all, that’s why you’re a breeder not a parent) you merely have to threaten them. Bad parenting and government are exactly the same in this sense.

The government doesn’t have to reason with the slaves, I mean citizens, about why they should pay taxes or obey specific laws. The government merely says to the slaves “you will do this and not do that or you will be punished.” Laws are a substitute for logic and reasoning. If Obamacare is so wonderful why do people have to be forced to buy it? Because it’s not wonderful and no amount of reason or logic can persuade anyone beyond a small minority of rabid Obama-humpers that Obamacare will work.

Breeders function on exactly the same principles. Telling the child what to do and threatening repercussions because they know it is impossible to logically persuade the child of what must be done. Because typically what must be done makes no logical sense.

Try explaining school to an eight year old.  “Mommy is going to send you away to spend your time with a bunch of strangers who don’t care about you.  You’ll have to interact only with the strangers who don’t care about you and other children your own age so you’ll never learn about maturity and how to behave towards other children older and younger than you.  Plus Mommy has to go work to make money to pay for sending you to school so Mommy can send you to school so she can go work to make money to pay for you to go to school so Mommy can go to work.”

Even a retarded eight year old can smell the bullshit.  But you are a breeder and you only care about yourself.

While we’re talking about control and the parallels between the State and you breeders here’s another one. Both factions hold stricter standards of behaviour for their subjects than they do for themselves.

The government makes it illegal for the slaves to kill other slaves. If a slave kills other slaves the slave will be punished. The government regularly kills it’s slaves. These specific slaves who work for the master, I mean government, who perform this act of killing other slaves are of course never punished.

if killing is evil the government is evil - yaddiw

All slaves are equal but some slaves are more equal than others.

Breeders will tell their children not to lie. Breeders will then lie to their children.

Breeders will tell their children not to hit other children. Breeders will then spank their children.

tell your child it is wrong to lie then lie to your child - yaddiw

Control Over Men

Another form of control that female breeders derive from breeding is control over men.

If a female breeder is married to a man she claims is the father of her child she has control over his finances, his property and his body to the extent that she wishes to exercise it. Thanks to the presence of a child the female breeder can blackmail the alleged father into whatever behaviour she desires thanks to the ever present threat of divorce.

Which brings us to the next topic. Resources.  Come back in two weeks for the conclusion of this series and to get your fucking feelings hurt some more.

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