Why Breeders Hand Their Children Over To Strangers To Raise. Part 3

I was listening to one of Stefan Molyneux’s call-in shows and the topic of conversation came around (as it always does) to children and Stephan remarked offhandedly

“I really don’t understand why people have children and then hand them over to strangers to raise.”

I understand exactly why people do this. So for the benefit of Stefan Molyneux, my readers, and the whole world I will now explain it to you.

The reason people have children and then hand them over to strangers to raise is because 99% of people who have children aren’t having children for the children. They’re having children in order to gain access to a.) attention and validation, b.) control, and c.) resources without having to earn access to those things.

In this three part series I’m going to take an in-depth look at these three factors that drive you breeders to make babies you don’t care about. This is part three and it’s all about . . .

who is going to pay for my children - not me - yaddiw

3. Resources

Becoming a breeder gives you an almost unlimited access to and control over resources which you have not earned.

Think I’m wrong do you? Brace yourself for the truth. And The Truth Hurts.

Income tax deductions.

Which is another way of saying people who are not breeders are paying more money in the form of taxes than you are.

You are paying fewer taxes because you have children.

To further refine the inequality you as a breeder consume more resources than people who are not breeders. Not only must you consume the resources required to keep yourself alive and entertained, your children also consume resources to keep them alive and entertained. And they pay no taxes at all. Not for their public education (joke that it is) or to finance the roads on which all the material goods they consume are transported. Nor anything else they receive.

Instead of receiving income tax deductions for having children you should be paying additional taxes for all of the additional resources you and your children use use. Such as . . .

Public schools.

Otherwise known as publicly financed indoctrination centres where you can send your children so that you don’t have to take care of your children. Now that you’ve engaged in breeding you can’t actually be expected to spend your time taking care of your own children can you? You have important shit to do. Like getting drunk and cruising for cock on Tinder. Thus all the people around you who don’t have children will chip in money to provide your children with free day care so that you have time to go to the grocery store unencumbered and spending your . . .

WIC benefits.

All animals are equal but female animals who breed are more equal. Yes by being a female breeder you get more financial resources given to you simply because you are a female and a breeder. WIC has “Woman” built right into the name. It’s Women. Infants. Children. Not a man involved. Except for the part where we provide the money that these parasite receive.

I’m buying you dinner, I’m even getting fucked . . . but I’m not getting kissed.

And if those resources I and other people who create value provide for you are not sufficient you can also get . . .

Food stamps.

Because now that you are a breeder it’s up to other people to make sure that your child has enough food to eat. I understand that before you had a child you didn’t know that children need food and that food cost money and therefore you should have . . . a job . . . or marry a man with a job . . . or save up some money.

You had no way of knowing this.

During 18 or more years of living with your parents and 12 years of public education no one ever bothered to mention that children need food. Or cost money.

Plus it’s not like you could use the interwebz to do research about children or anything. Typing “how much does it cost to raise a child” into Google is way beyond your intelligence isn’t it? The need for children to have food was totally unexpected. Who knew?? but wait you don’t need a job to buy food for your children because you can get . . .

Welfare payments.

Best of all you don’t even have to walk to the mailbox to get your welfare check any more. The government (which is funded by people who don’t get tax deductions for breeding) actually deposits the welfare money right into a bank account for you. Isn’t this glorious. You are such a strong, independent woman. The only thing you need a man for is to pay . . .

i do not need a man to take care of my child i have child support - yaddiw

Child support and alimony.

Yes! As a female breeder if you become bored with the man whom you publicly claim is the father of your child you can divorce him and thanks to the government (which is financed by people who don’t get tax deductions for having children) you can have the court system force that man to give you large amounts of money.

Even if the man was raped.

Even if the courts know the child isn’t his.

What. A. Fucking. Deal!

Spread your legs once and get paid for 18 years or more.

And if the man does not give you the money then the police will go and take the money from him. Not only can you make him pay for the child but you can also have the government make sure he’s not actually allowed to have contact with the child. You get access and control over his money and resources while you also get access to and control over his body and his life.

And this list certainly doesn’t include all of the resources which are made available to breeders without any requirement for the breeders to earn access to them.

This Three Part Series Concludes




For less than the price of a cup of coffee all of this can be yours. All you have to do is lay on your back for seven seconds and let a man squirt some cum inside of you. Don’t concern yourself with parenting skills. You don’t need those to get access to all of these unearned benefits. You need only be a breeder. Not a parent.

If you’re breeding for the benefits you are not a parent.

And you are definitely doing it wrong.


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