The Greatest Threat To Children is Bad Parenting. I Notice You Don’t Want A Law Against Bad Parenting “For The Children”.

Breeders invest a large amount of effort in protecting their children from threats without ever realizing that they, the breeders themselves, are the greatest threat to their children. They do this because they “care about the children”. We know breeders care about the children because they lie to the children, fail to educate the children and expect other people to raise the children.

“Care about the children” is a code phrase for “selfish cunt/cock”.

1. Reality

Breeders universally fail to teach their children anything about the real world which would be of practical value to them.

Breeders do not teach their children how to budget money. Probably because breeders do not know how to budget money. Children are never taught that the concept of spending less money than they make because their breeders do not understand the concept of spending less money than they make. Children grow up seeing the adults around them going into debt for things like televisions, gaming consoles, and vacations.

They see the State going into debt for things like The War on Drugs, The War on Terror, The War on Poverty and The War in Afghanistan.

Thus the children grow up thinking this is the way to manage your finances because it’s the only model they’ve been exposed to.

Nor do the children of breeders grow up understanding that money is an exchange of time and value. In order to receive money you must either create value for other people (the market) or you must steal from other people (the government). Because most breeders receive stolen money in the form of tax deductions, welfare, Social Security, alimony payments, child support, and WIC they have no understanding of creating value for other people in exchange for money. Show me a breeder and I’ll show you a parasite.

Thus they are in no position to teach children how to creating value and make money in the process.

Not understanding what money is nor the concept of spending less than you make means that breeders also do not understand the concept of investment. The most important investment their child will make in life being higher education. Going into debt, and thus paying interest on, $40,000 in order to get a college degree which will result in a job as a waitress or bartender is not a sound investment. Yet breeders will regularly allow their children to acquire debt and worthless college diplomas at the same time.

Thus these breeders insure their children will remain poor.

Breeders avoid math and in the process give unspoken permission to their children to avoid math.

2. Parenting

If you’re not a breeder you may have the misguided notion that the point of having children would be to parent them. This conclusion is incorrect. We know it’s incorrect from observing the behaviour of breeders. Instead of devoting their time to raising their children breeders immediately begin seeking ways to get away from their children.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a night off here and there from caring for your children. But breeders seek more than an occasional night off. They seek to completely outsource the entire parenting process. You would think that after 12 years of public education and her own experience of being a child and having a mother a woman would be capable of understanding that caring for a child is going to be a full-time job. This simply isn’t so.

I know a number of breeder women and every year when school starts I hear the same line from them. How happy they are that the children have gone back to school. Now they have free time again to do what’s really important to them. Like watch TV. Or eat. Or get drunk. Or whatever breeders do. How could they have know that children require a time commitment of 18 years? More or less.

For many breeders escaping the time commitment of caring for their children begins with the hiring of nannies or daycare providers. They hand their children over to people of the low intelligence who are paid minimum wage. At the same time breeders will maintain that parenting is vitally important. While avoiding any actual parenting.

As soon as possible they send their children to public schools to be cared for by other women. These women working in public schools claim they have those jobs because they “love children” and “care about the children”. Interestingly many of those women teaching in public schools have children of their own whom they are not caring for personally but instead send to daycare. So they can work at a school. With children. Because they love children so much.

They just don’t love children enough to spend the day with their own children.

3. Intelligence

Breeders often claim they are good parents and their children are intelligent. Yet their actions show this to be untrue. There are a great multitude of laws which have been passed to “protect the children”. If you need government to protect your children then neither are you a good parent nor are your children intelligent.

For example cigarette companies have been prohibited from advertising their products because children might see those advertisements and start smoking.

If breeders are great parents why are they incapable of teaching their children why smoking is a bad idea?

If their children are as smart as breeders believe why would these children think that inhaling smoke into their lungs is a good idea?

Fact is these children are not very smart and the breeders who squeeze them out are not good parents. Thus it becomes the responsibility of the government to raise the children. And by “government” I mean idiots with liberal arts degrees and low IQ scores who can’t get jobs in the private sector and thus have to work in the public sector which is financed with money taken away from people who work for a living and create value.

if you care about your children why do you want government to raise them for you - yaddiw

These laws designed to relieve the breeders of the burden of parenting their children usually backfire. The best example of this is the drinking age. Living in a college town filled with 18-year-old kids left to their own devices for the first time ever in life I see this on a regular basis.

People living inside the boarders of the legal fiction known as the United States of America are not allowed by the government which owns their bodies to drink alcohol until they turn 21. As a result they never get the opportunity to experience the effects of alcohol when they are younger and living at home and have parents (for the small amount of children who actually have real parents as opposed to simply sharing a domicile with breeders) to oversee their learning experience with alcohol. Upon leaving home and going off to college these 18-year-olds get their first taste of intoxication and have no idea what their limits are. They have no idea how to drink without getting fucked up.

They kill themselves from alcohol poisoning. But not after puking all over the sidewalk.

The breeders could’ve taught their children alcohol etiquette but instead the breeders chose to deny alcohol to their children because “it’s the law” and in the process they set their children up for future failure.

Breeders are failures. When they reproduce they can only reproduce their own failure. If you care about children don’t breed and don’t ask for more laws. Put off having children until you have the money and time to devote to raising them correctly. Anyone can be a breeder. Be better. Be a parent.

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