Children Are Like Blogs. Children Are Not Like Blogs

what do you mean i do not make time for my children - yaddiw

You may (or may not) be wonder where the hell I’ve been. The site hasn’t been updated in months.

Mostly I’ve been busy working. November and December are busy months for me. I have to make money to pay taxes to subsidize single mothers and public education and the military industrial complex.

Thus I walked away from You Are Definitely Doing It Wrong and didn’t even think about posting. Now it’s time to get off my ass and get back to work.

Let’s talk about work.

Children Are Like Blogs

First let’s all acknowledge “blog” is a stupid word. But like Obamacare it’s something we are stuck with because the 99% have low standards.

To say “I write a blog” implies the “I” in that sentence updates the blog on some regular schedule. This means making time to write, generating ideas, and all the general website maintenance that goes with having a website.

It takes time and effort to do these things. They don’t just happen. The more time and effort you put in, the more skill you bring, the more you educate yourself on relevant (and even irrelevant) subjects the better the writing will be. You can’t outsource the writing to your au pair and expect the result to reflect who you are and what you want to say to the world.

Like raising your children.

It takes time and effort. You have to be there in the moment with the children. Unlike writing which can take only an hour a day you have to be there with your children around the clock. You can outsource the being there part to your au pair but when you hand you children over to a medicated teenager what sort of adults do you think those children are going to grow up to be?

i do not need to parent i pay others to do that for me - yaddiw

Is it any wonder the Medicated Generation is the most socially retarded and emotionally stunted generation ever? They have been raised in day care by teenagers, public school surrounded by children their own age. They’ve seldom had any interaction with anyone who is mature.

The people (mostly women mind you) who choose to work in public eduction are some of the least intelligent people in our society.

The people who are teaching your children today.

The people who are teaching your children today.

Any child who displays personality, drive or creativity will be drugged into compliance with quite time and sitting still.

Suddenly it all begins to make sense.

Children Are Not Like Blogs

I can walk away from this website for months and it’s no big deal. There are no repercussions for society from me not posting my ravings and rantings on the interwebz.

Neglecting children has long term repercussions on society. When you fuck up your children they go forth and multiply.

  • They multiply your treatment of them in the way they treat other people.
  • They multiply your treatment of them in the way they raise their children.
  • They multiply your treatment of them in the slave masters they elect, the laws they obey, the wars they support.

Every person who gassed a Jew was recreating his childhood. Every person who put a Japanese person into the concentration camps was recreating his childhood. Every drone pilot who kills people in Afghanistan is recreating her childhood.

And their children interact with other people and have children and obey the slave masters and kill. And so forth and so on.

The lowest standards are the ones most easily replicated. The lowest standards are the one which will spread the farthest. It’s much easier to drug your children than to teach them. Thus the choice of the 99% will be to drug their children.

Being a single mother who sluts around with the bad boys while collecting welfare and ignoring your three children is an easy choice. It’s the equivalent of starting up a blog and then walking away from it. It’s an easy choice.

When it comes to blogging you can make easy choices. When it comes to parenting if you are making the easy choices you are definitely doing it wrong.

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