Write For YADDIW

Wanna write for You Are Definitely Doing It Wrong?  Good.  I’m all for that.

You don’t have to be as annoyingly cynical as I am.  We could use some humour around this place.  Not sarcastic humour like I put out either.

Hell you don’t even have to agree with me.  Want to write about why children should be spanked?  Do you think that drugging children who have personalities and creativity is good for them?  Do you have some evidence and logic showing that single mothers who put their kids in daycare are the best parents ever?  Bring it on.  I’ll publish it.

Contact me if you want to be a writer on a regular basis or submit a one time column.

Be ready to submit a writing sample if you don’t already have something on the interwebz I can go and read.

600 to 1500 words per post.  At least two images to go with it.